The Walking Dead fans, are you there? Thanks to this Sacrificial mod you will have the opportunity to transport your Sims to an apocalyptic world where they will have to escape from the zombies.
Make sure you use the "motherlode" trick if you don't want them to end up turning into zombies or dying as you will need to purchase lots of supplies and supplies to survive.
Of course, your Sim's world won't be like that all the time, but you can decide when to trigger the apocalypse.
Just click on the Sim, go to the “Zombie Apocalypse” section and start the social event by clicking on “Listen to the emergency broadcast of the police - Social Event”, in this way the zombies will start to appear from the scenario. Now, as with any social event, you will have goals to accomplish, such as killing a number of zombies, alerting other survivors, and so on.
Warning! It will not be possible to start the social event if you have not purchased the radio which is located on "Survival Tools". Please, I repeat to stock up, do not want to lose your Sims, I hope!
The event lasts 8 hours, so hold on and enjoy! If your Sim gets bitten they can always be healed, so don't go out without saving, please.
So what are you waiting for? Run to download it!

Supported version: 1 .61.15.1020 and above

Link to download it: HERE .
To make the translation work perfectly, extract the download folder in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods (do not insert it in any subfolder, at most rename the folder itself with the name of the mod); inside you will find 3 files + 2 “CAS” & “Items” folders. Take the files from the Items folder and move them to the root folder where you have the other mod files, so they don't fit in the separate Items folder like that. In this way, when you open the folder of the Zombie Apocalypse mod you will find 3 files of the mod + 13 files of the Items folder. At this point, enter the translation.

For the Italian translation, click HERE .

The mod should look like this in the folder: