The WonderfulWhims is a mod created by TURBODRIVER.

The name is very similar to the famous WickedWhims mod, precisely because the creator has removed all the part of the sexual interactions, leaving only the personalities, the attractiveness and the like. But let's go and discover them together.
First of all, WonderfulWhims doesn't remove Sim censorship in any way; Sims will continue to use the classic underwear in the CUS and you will see the pixels every time they use the bathroom fixtures or wink.
Also, in this mod, the fiki fiki remains, it is not made explicit in any way.

Just like WW, WonderfulWhims adds the same systems as the Archetypal Personality.
This type of personality "are innate tendencies that generate images of intense emotional charge that express the relationship supremacy of human life". In short words? They are part of the unconscious and every Sim doesn't have one, but two! Based on these personalities, they will unlock different interactions and desires.
The Archetypal Personalities of Wonderful are: Every Man, Sage, Artist, Hero, Helper, Innocent, Lover, Greedy. These personalities cannot be chosen, but are assigned to Sims based on their traits and life experiences. In fact, only young adults, adults and seniors have one.
Furthermore, the Sims, by developing the Persuasion Skill always introduced with this mod, will also be able to have a false archetypal personality that they reveal to other Sims in order to get what they want.

WondWhims 9.png
WondWhims 7.png

Archetypal personalities add INTERACTIONS. Each Sim will earn two archetypal personalities that can be displayed in their traits. Each personality unlocks different socialization interactions.

WondWhims 6.png

The other personality system is about ATTRACTION . It is in fact possible to set the attractiveness for each Sim: through the panel with the same name, you can decide which are the physical characteristics that the Sims prefer of others. In this way, you can also set your sexual orientation - which will not be properly specified as "Homosexual" / "Straight", but prefer women / men. The physical characteristics are very detailed as they range from the color of the hair, to the shape of the eyebrows and the thickness of the thighs.

WondWhims 5.png

One thing that could not be missing in this mod is the MENSTRUAL CYCLE. You can't turn it off from the settings, but you can set them for Sims to change their tampon / pad more often in order to avoid blood spills and unpleasant moods.
In addition, you can set whether the pad is changed automatically when a toilet is available in the batch or manually. This means that you will have to open your inventory and click on the purchased tampons or absorbent pads and change them yourself.
These same settings also affect the use of birth control pills: in this way your Sims will not risk pregnancy, but make sure that the boys bring condoms with them!
To complete the items that can be purchased with the Wonderful, there are also relaxing pills for period pains. It's bad to see Sims going through these terrible pains - especially if they're constantly uncomfortable as a result - just get them to ingest these pills and they'll get better again.
Oh, I forgot: you can also trace the cycle with the application, via your smartphone, called
“Tracking the Kaya Cycle” . In this way you will know in advance when the cycle will arrive at the Simmine!
Also through the purchase option, you can also buy the
"Not-So-Wonderful Shampoo Kill Plates" since the Sims will be able to contract them. You can decide the percentage of possibility through the settings, but the infection can be taken by: unhealthy subjects through sexual intercourse or through infested beds (even the latter option you can activate or not from the settings).
To cure them is very easy: buy the Shampoo and then let the Sims use it while they wash. Bye bye crabs!

In addition, the Wonderful also makes the pregnancy system wider, adding the fertility system. If your Sims can't get pregnant, check how fertile they are. Just use a toilet, click on it and select "Take a fertility test", this way you will know when they can get pregnant!
Still through the settings, however, you can set the fertility values of the Sims: if enhanced, real or at a very low level.

With fertility there is also abortion. With the Wonderful Whims, in fact, the Sims will be able to donate the child to science or the abortion will be spontaneous - this setting can be activated or deactivated.
Boys also have the option of avoiding getting Simmine pregnant with condoms. Purchase them via your computer and then, from the settings, decide how they will be able to use them - whether independently or not.

WondWhims 3.png

By clicking on your Sim and then Wonderful Whims , you will have the possibility to access either the settings menu or the CUSTOMIZATION. Personalization allows you to give your Sim some Wonderful Whims attributes which are: Hypofertile, Adverse Appearance, Ambivalent Attraction & Polyamorous.

WondWhims 1.png


DLC: Does not require any packages.

Download link:

If you want to support the creator, the development of the mod:


Download the mod (it will be in a .rar package), extract the files and select the WondefulWhims Mod folder. Move it - or copy / paste, cut / paste - to Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods.

Delete the file localthumbcache.package located in The Sims 4 folder.
You can then delete any leftover files that you extracted earlier.

Mandatory step:

In Game Settings → Game Options → Other, check "Enable custom content and mods" and "Allow script mods".


If you are having difficulty with the installation, you can see the video related to the mod I made on YT.



If you want to use the mod in Italian, download the translation from the site. It will be on the third page.

Once you have downloaded the .package file, insert it in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → WonderfulWhims Mod.

Warning: do not remove the! Exclamation point at the beginning of the file.

Note for MAC users: rename the translation by removing _byxISYx leaving the .package (I recommend the. Point before package) and the translation will work.


When a new version of the mod comes out you need to update it. In this way you will not only be able to have any content that has been added, but there will be bug fixes and also avoid game corruption. Using old versions of mods, especially if they become obsolete, is dangerous for your games.
Follow these very quick steps:

1. Eliminate the mod.
2. Delete the localthumbcache.package file in The Sims 4 folder

3. Install the mod again.

Always download it from here.

Your settings are all saved. In the saves folder in The Sims 4, which contains all your games, you will find a folder called “WonderfulWhims Mod” . Those are your settings, I recommend not to delete them or you will lose them and you will have to set them all over again!


The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.

Mod in cartella.png