Are you ready to ride the wave of success thanks to this fantastic mod? The Road to Fame was born before the release of the "New Stars" expansion, but personally, even today, it offers many more possibilities that the expansion does not yet offer.
For example, you can have a horde of obsessed fans in your home who will ask you for photos, autographs; you can hold meet & greet, communicate via social networks and reach truly mind-boggling numbers of followers! Obviously, the more followers grow, the more fame grows. And it's not that easy to earn them.
As for the singers, hold on tight: with this mod you will have the opportunity to share your songs with fans via SimlishCloud, as you must and your own professional singers! Also, it's not a mod that is limited to singers and actors, but you will also have the chance to turn your Sims into real models!
Let them practice with the poses, acquire the appropriate skill and increase it to become true professional models!
The mod offers many options, also concerning autonomy so that the Sim can increase their artistic skills (referring to the mod therefore acting, singing and posing as models) alone, interact with fans they meet on the street or use Simstagram alone.
Here, too, there is the climb to success through fame points: you can, in fact, choose whether to use that of the mod or that of the "New Stars" expansion, if you have it as you just need to click on "Enable the new fame system. Stars ".
This mod is perfect for those who love to make their Sims famous, both for those with the right expansion and for those who don't. So what are you waiting for? Run to download it!

Supported versions: and above
Link to download it: HERE .
Extract the files (there are 6 + three folders "CAS", "Objects" & "Props") and move them to Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Road to Fame (it is recommended to make a sub-folder).

Want to see a practical explanation of the mod? Videos on YouTube .

For the Italian translation, click HERE .

The mod should look like this in the folder:

road to fame.jpg