Meanfigful Stories is a mod created by roBurky.

This mod allows you to redesign the system of emotions and moods of the game. This way the Sims will be able to feel more human and the events in their life will take on real meaning.
In a nutshell, mix mood states with each other so that your Sim, even if they are depressed, can still help others with different activities.
It also adds another unique mood, which is
TRUE HAPPINESS   - this is triggered by important events such as the first kiss, a promotion at work and so on.

In game there is a TUTORIAL , which will explain how to use the mod.

In addition, there are also several settings. Basically, the mod replaces the green color of the "Happy" mood with the white of the "Satisfied" mood, thus assigning green to the latter mood. However, you can also disable this option.

Also through the settings, you can decide how and how much the environment, for example, affects your Sims.

MS 1.png
MS 2.png

The emotions will therefore be more realistic, appropriate to the situation, the events that your Sim faces. As mentioned before, they go to mix with each other, so that the Sims don't have real mood swings from Happy to Depressed and so on.
Even the most intense moods such as anger, go to mix, for example, with happiness. If there is something that makes your Sim angry, they will not be angry immediately and completely, but GRADUALLY.

MS 4.png

Furthermore, the discomfort caused, for example, by a dirty environment, makes the SIMs MORE SENSITIVE to the negative things that happen around them.

Emotional inertia will arise in the Sims, therefore, of the emotions that, according to their main mood, will increase or decrease further moods.
Sometimes it will also happen that, as long as a certain buff does not go away, the mood does not change.

MS 3.png



DLC: does not require any packages.

If you want to support the creator, the development of the mod and get early access reserved for patreon users


1. Download the .rar package and extract it. You will find 3 .package files + 1 .ts4script file and a .txt text file. The text file can be deleted.
2. Go to Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods and create a folder called “Meaningful Stories” . Put the previously extracted files inside.

3. Delete the localthumbcache.package file located in The Sims 4 folder.

In Game Settings → Game Options → Other , check "Enable custom content and mods" and "Allow script mods".


If you want to use the mod in Italian, download the translation below

It will be on the second page.

Once you have downloaded the .package file, insert it in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Meaningful Stories.


When a new version of the mod comes out you need to update it . In this way you will not only be able to have any content that has been added, but there will be bug fixes and also avoid game corruption. Using old versions of mods, especially if they become obsolete, is dangerous for your games.
Follow these very quick steps:

1. Eliminate the mod.
2. Delete the localthumbcache.package file in The Sims 4 folder

3. Install the mod again.

• Translation

Always download it from here.

• Settings
Your settings are all saved. In the folder where you installed the mod you will find a file called “roBurky - MeaningfulStories-Settings.cfg” . Those are your settings, so don't delete them or you'll have to set them all over again!


The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.


La mod dovrà apparire così in cartella. Se ci sono più file o sono con nomi diversi, avete sbagliato qualcosa. Cancellate tutto e ripetete i passaggi.

Meaningful Stories Cartella.png


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