What's happening?! Why has my Sim disappeared, or rather, been kidnapped ?! And why was the other one run over ?!
As you could have guessed from the title this mod really adds a lot of tragedy to your Simmers. For example, they may be kidnapped and the kidnappers may ask you for a ransom. But will your Simmin be good enough to work with the police to get him back? Or will it die?
Hey, get off, that's a car! Yes, although in The Sims 4 there is no option for our Simmers to drive cars, cars will still be able to run over your Sims. And let's be clear: an emergency operation in the hospital does not mean 100% that he will be saved.
Quiet, quiet ... you can, through the settings, activate or deactivate tragedies, or certain tragedies for your Sims.
Have a good time. Ah, I would advise you to build a cemetery.

Supported versions: and above
Link to download it: HERE .
Extract the files, drag them to “Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Life's Tragedies”. The folder for the mod will not be created automatically and it is not mandatory either, but recommended.

Want to see a practical explanation of the mod? Videos on YouTube .

For the Italian translation, click HERE .

The mod should look like this in the folder: