Similar to Life's Tragedies, but lighter. Your Sim is in love with someone, but is that someone engaged? Increase their charisma and convince this someone to come back single!
But is that… is he a thief ?! Call the police! That's right, thieves are back with this mod. Nice, huh? And to say that we were almost saved from that terrible jingle that made you so anxious that you had to pause the game (ah yeah, you couldn't) to go get some sedatives.
Again, don't worry, you can turn off the dramatic events for your Sim. But be careful, never lose sight of your children because they could be kidnapped!
With the update of version 2.0 you will have the opportunity to have the Sim participate in social events and contribute, for example, the one against the abuse of animals, against racism, domestic violence and in support of the LGBTQA + community.
Social popularity has been added, meaning that each of your Sims will be able to earn experience points up to the maximum of 100 in order to become a popular Sim (not talking about celebrity popularity). It can be achieved by doing good deeds such as helping sad Sims, giving advice or giving photos.

Now there are "Dirty Secrets," meaning your Sim can earn the trust of other Sims, get their dirty secrets, and spread them when they like. "The Plastic" is born, an exclusive website to which your Sims can only have access by earning social popularity points and buy the "Book to Burn", where they can write the secrets of other Sims (even those who read online) and then spread the pages ruining the reputation of the Sims.
New interactions and added skills (Social Dramas).

Supported version: and above
Link to download it: HERE .
Extract the files, drag them to “Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Life's Drama”. The folder for the mod will not be created automatically and it is not mandatory either, but recommended.

Do you want a see a practical explanation of the mod? Videos on YouTube .

For the Italian translation, click HERE .

The mod should look like this in the folder: