If you have ever encountered

in game the orange notification LAST EXCEPTION FOUND BY MCCC or REGISTERED ERROR as shown here in the picture, then you are in the right place to find a solution to your problems.


But let's start from the basics.

WHAT IS A LastException FILE?  

A LastException file, abbreviated LE, is a game file that logs errors that occur. These errors can be caused by mods, cc's that are old / outdated / broken, or simple game errors.

Because although some errors are completely harmless and, therefore, ignorable, many others could cause serious damage to your game, irreversible and therefore all you can do, then, is to delete the save.

But let's go immediately to dispel the popular belief that these files are caused, so the fault is, by the MCCC. These files are almost never caused by the MC Command Center mod. All this mod does is tell you that one has been created since, normally, this would not happen.
Therefore, deleting and reinstalling the MCCC will not solve your problem, it will only do it to no avail.

These files are placed in your The Sims 4 folder. You may have several, depending on how many times the error has been logged.

What you need to do is log into my
Discord server,   head to the section

# last-exception and send the file you find in your The Sims 4 folder, as shown in the video below.

Should the error also come out, ERROR REGISTERED , please come to my Discord server, we will solve the problem together, even if in this case the error is not recorded in the LE file.

AND THE LastIUException FILES?
Instead, these files log UI errors. You can send us these too, but keep in mind that, many times, it is difficult to identify the cause.

THE LastCrash FILES?
Unlike what many think, reading LastCrash files is purely impossible. So no, if you send this file we cannot tell you what was the exact cause of your crash, but we can still help you.