The Basemental Gangs is a mod created by BASEMENTAL.
To use this mod you need the Basemental Drugs mod and a DLC . This mod allows you to manage your own gang, your own drug dealing, have a headquarters from which to manage operations towards rival gangs and, precisely, have rivalry with other gangs. The first thing you need to do is reach LEVEL 10 of the Drug Dealer skill of one of the 4 drugs available (Cocaine, MDMA, Amphetamine or Cannabis) or use the trick (see below) to be able to unlock the gangs immediately.

At this point, by clicking on the phone, we will have the brass knuckles icon that will allow us to create a gang. After you choose the gang, your active Sim with whom you perform the action will be the
LEADER of the gang.

BMG 1.png
BMG 2.png
BMG 3.png

When you have your gang, you will need to hire the first members (you can only choose three initially).
A pop-up notification will pop up and the creator suggests paying close attention to the notifications related to the mod, as they are used to better understand how to move during gameplay.
At this point, click again on the phone and select
MANAGE THE CREW. It is normal that, being at the beginning, it only gives you one option. Once done, HIRE the gang members. When you have hired them, you can, again via the phone menu, invite them to the lot, meet them or manage the crew to check any missions in progress.

BMG 7.png

By clicking on the gang members, you will have the GANG interaction available with, subsequently, three types of menus: CHOOSE A DRESS, SOCIAL & MISSIONS. The first is to make members wear the gang uniform, then it will take you to the CUS and you can change the Sim's clothes if you want a uniform, the second unlocks different social interactions and the third allows you to send them on missions. Social interactions increase the relationship you have with the various members of the Gang. In this way, they will be more loyal to the Leader and the Leader himself will level up by performing these interactions.

BMG 8.png

Missions obviously benefit the gang. These missions are different, but initially only the ROBBER mission is available as the others are unlocked by the Leader as he personally levels up with his skill. To send the gang members on a mission, just click on one of them, select the menu GANG → MISSIONS → MANDALS TO MAKE A ROBBERY (or possibly any other unlocked mission). When a mission is in progress, you can check who it was sending by selecting the phone, Basemental Gangs menu → MANAGE YOUR CREW → CONTROL MISSIONS.
At this point, you can both check which Mission is in progress, and any completed ones and then also Check based on the missions, or check who, for example, is carrying out a robbery rather than a drug dealing. It may take up to two days for the mission to be completed.

BMG 10.png
BMG 6.png

As the Gang's ability as a Leader is completed, several new interactions are unlocked. For example, at LEVEL 3 the Leader has the ability to add TWO REINFORCEMENTS to the Gang. These two reinforcements are two highly skilled Sims who, therefore, have a better chance of succeeding in a mission. To hire these two reinforcements, just click on the phone, Basemental Gangs menu → MANAGE THE CREW → REINFORCEMENTS , in this way you can hire them.
At level 5 of the Leader skill, he will be able to take the
RIGHT ARM. This Right Arm will, of course, be a Sim that you can choose, but it is very useful since through it you will be able to manage the missions of the gang. Furthermore, when you reach level 6, always through the Right Arm, you can buy the headquarters through which to manage all the operations of the Sims.

BMG 9.png
BMG 12.png


These cheats are used to instantly increase the Sim's drug trafficking ability in order to unlock gangs. For a better gameplay experience, however, it is recommended to manually increase the skill.

• bmg.enable_gangs → makes the Sim reach level 10 of the Cocaine Trafficking in order to unlock the Gang;
• bmg.enable_gangs_cannabis → makes the Sim reach level 10 of Cannabis Trafficking in order to unlock the Gang;
• bmg.enable_gangs_pills → makes the Sim reach level 10 of MDMA Traffic in order to unlock the Gang;
• bmg.enable _gangs_amphetamine → gets the Sim to level 10 Amphetamine Trafficking in order to unlock the Gang.

BMG 13.png



Requires "At Work" expansion and Basemental Drugs mod.

If you want to support the creator, mod development and get early access:


On the mod page, you will need to download the .zip package which will later be extracted. 2 .package files and 1 .script file will be extracted. In your / Mods folder create a folder called "Basemental Gangs" and then insert the previously extracted files into the folder you just created.
At this point, your file path will become:
Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Basemental Gangs. Delete the localthumbcache.package file present in The Sims 4 folder. You can also delete the .zip package later.


In Game SettingsGame OptionsOther, check "Enable custom content and mods" and "Allow script mods".


If you are having difficulty installing the mod, you can follow the video tutorial I made on YT.


If you want to use the mod in Italian, download the translation below It will be on the first page.

Once you have downloaded the .package file, insert it in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Basemental Drugs.

ATTENTION !: do not remove the! exclamation point at the beginning of the file.

Note for MAC users: rename the translation by removing _byxISYx leaving the .package (I recommend the. Point before package) and the translation will work.


When a new version of the mod comes out you need to update it. In this way you will not only be able to have any content that has been added, but there will be bug fixes and also avoid game corruption. Using old versions of mods, especially if they become obsolete, is dangerous for your games.
Follow these very quick steps:

1. Eliminate the mod.
2. Delete the localthumbcache.package file in The Sims 4 folder
3. Install the mod again.

Always download it from here.


The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.



The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.