The Basemental Alcohol is a mod created by Basemental.
This mod makes the game drinks alcoholic. If you already used the Basemental Drugs mod, you do not need this since all the features of this mod are already included in the one just mentioned. If you also use the Basemental Gangs , you cannot replace the BMD with this one, as it only contains the functions of alcohol.

Once the mod is installed, we will already be able to notice that all the drinks in the game have changed their names. If the Sim tries to drink them, they will receive different mood states (based on how much they drink) that will testify to any drunkenness.
Drinking too much can make Sims

BMA 1.png
BMA 2.png
BMA 3.png

With this mod the trait of the BUTTAFUORI lot is added. If you want to build a club, like a bar, and use bouncers, just add this trait to the lot.
The bouncers will make sure not to let teens in and check for any IDs.

BMA 7.png

Teenagers, on the other hand, can buy FAKE ID CARDS via the computer to try to trick the Bouncers. Unfortunately, however, they are not always discovered and invited to leave the place. Instead, others manage to get away with it and get in.
To purchase the card, all you have to do is click on the computer (with a teenager), go to the ORDER section and then select "BUY A FALSE IDENTITY CATA".   The card will cost 1500 Simoleons. When the order is placed, you will find it in the buyer's inventory.

BMA 8.png
BMA 9.png

If you have the Ecological Life DLC and have also installed the optional “Breewing Station” file , you can place the fizz maker (which will be called BEERMENTALISM BEER MANUFACTURER ) to produce beer. All you have to do is simply collect the various ingredients such as fruit, put them in the brewer and wait for your beer to be ready. The fabricator can be found in the Buy Mode → Activities and Skills.

The Sim also acquires the BEER PRODUCTION skill which can be increased up to the level of BREWER MASTER.

Going forward with the production of Beer, the more you will also have the opportunity to let CRAFT BEER LOVERS taste it and therefore receive excellent reviews.

BMA 10.png
BMA 4.png
BMA 5.png


With this mod the tricks are present. To be able to enter them you will have to open the command console by holding down CTRL + SHIFT + F and enter bma_cheats. You will therefore see the list of all the tricks present for this mod:

basemental.alcohol_version → tells you the installed version of the mod;
basemental.acoholism_add → makes the Sim active alcoholic;
basemental.unbloc_sol_drunk → unlocks the SOL * drunkenness system;
basemental.bloc_sol_drunk → blocks the SOL drunkenness system (already blocked);

BMA 6.png

* if you also have the SLICE OF LIFE   installed, the BMA mod will automatically block the SOL drunkenness system. However, if you want to use that too, with this trick you can disable it as, eventually, there is also the trick to block it again.
It is strongly advised not to unlock it.



DLC: No DLC required. / Ecological Life is required for the optional "Breewing Station" file.

If you want to support the creator, mod development and get early access:


After downloading the .zip file, extract it. You will have 1 .package file, 1 .script file and then a folder called "Optional Packages" and inside 3 .package files.
In your / Mods folder create a folder called "Basemental Alcohol" and insert the mod files. Remember to remove the optional file relating to Ecological Life if you do not have the package.
Once the files are moved, delete the localthumbcache.package file from The Sims 4 folder.


In game settings → Game options → Other check "Enable custom content and mods" and "Allowed script mods".


If you want to use the mod in Italian, download the translation below:

It will be on the third page.

Once you have downloaded the .package file, insert it in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Basemental Alcohol.

ATTENTION !: do not remove the! exclamation point at the beginning of the file.

Note for MAC users: rename the translation by removing _byxISYx leaving the .package (I recommend the. Point before package) and the translation will work.


When a new version of the mod comes out you need to update it. In this way you will not only be able to have any content that has been added, but there will be bug fixes and also avoid game corruption. Using old versions of mods, especially if they become obsolete, is dangerous for your games.
Follow these very quick steps:

1. Eliminate the mod.
2. Delete the localthumbcache.package file in The Sims 4 folder
3. Install the mod again.


Always download it from here.


The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.



The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.