Advanced Fishing is a mod created by KAWAIISTACIE.

This mod develops fishing, allowing Sims to use the Advanced Fishing method to be able to sell their fish at a higher price or exchange them for some other fish.

The first thing to do is to have the Sims acquire the Fishing skill. Just click on a fishing sign, placed near rivers, lakes or the sea and let them fish.

AF 1.png

Once you have acquired the skill, click on the Sim and select "Allow Advanced Fishing". In this way, you will only activate the mod on the Sim in question.

AF 2.png

When they have finished fishing, you can click on the captured prey and choose whether to Sell or Trade them.
The difference is that if you sell them, you will get money; if you trade them, you will get something in return.
In both cases, it is not always guaranteed that you can earn something good out of it. It may be that the prey you trade is of higher value than the one you get back, or that they don't pay you the right price.
To avoid this, you will need to raise the fishing skill.

To sell or trade fish you need to open your inventory and click on Sell at the Market or Trade at the Market.

AD 3.png
AD 4.png

The Market has a timetable, so when it is closed you will not be able to take any action.

When you sell the fish, you have to wait a few minutes for the money to arrive. Then, a notification will let you know.

AD 7.png

For trade, it works the same way. In addition, a buff will also pop up for Sims who are eagerly awaiting the sale.
Finally, when the exchange is concluded, a pop-uo notification will always appear.

By also raising your cooking skills, you can prepare delicious dishes with your prey.

AD 6.png
AD 5.png
AD 8.png



DLC: it does not require Seasons and Ecological Life.

If you want to support the creator, mod development and get early access:


Download the mod and extract the .zip file, it will extract 2 .package files and 1 .script file.
In the Mods folder create a folder for this mod, for example “Advanced Fishing” and insert the files inside.
Then the previously extracted files will go to
Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Advanced Fishing.

Delete the localthumbcache.package file located in The Sims 4 folder.
Delete the previously downloaded .zip folder.

In Game Settings → Game Options → Other , check "Enable custom content and mods" and "Allow script mods".


If you want to use the mod in Italian, download the translation below

It will be on the third page.

Once the .package file is downloaded, insert it in Documents → Electronic Arts → The Sims 4 → Mods → Advanced Fishing.

ATTENTION !: do not remove the! exclamation point at the beginning of the file.


When a new version of the mod comes out you need to update it. In this way you will not only be able to have any content that has been added, but there will be bug fixes and also avoid game corruption. Using old versions of mods, especially if they become obsolete, is dangerous for your games.
Follow these very quick steps:

1. Eliminate the mod.
2. Delete the localthumbcache.package file in The Sims 4 folder

3. Install the mod again.

• Translation
Always download it from here.

Mod in folder:

The mod should thus appear in the folder. If there are multiple files or they are with different names, you have something wrong. Erase everything and repeat the steps.



La mod dovrà apparire così in cartella. Se ci sono più file o sono con nomi diversi, avete sbagliato qualcosa. Cancellate tutto e ripetete i passaggi.

AF cartella.png


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